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1h 55m 2006 HD

Watch displaced full movie online. Stel, a humanoid alien played by Mark Strange, teams up with a British soldier Private John Marrettie (Malcolm Hankey). They engage on an action-packed adventure to find a top secret file which holds information on advanced energy production, captured space crafts and their alien pilots including Stel’s missing father, Arakawa, who’s been shot down and imprisoned on Earth by Core – a human paramilitary group. The Displaced file falls into the hands of a renegade 'special forces’ leader, Wilson (Graham Brownsmith) whose plans are to sell the file to the highest bidder on the black market for his own financial gain. Private Marrettie is forced to help Stel in his quest to locate the file. The search leads them on a deadly game of survival, combat, intrigue and deceit.

Displaced (2006)
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