First Date: The Musical

First Date: The Musical

First Date: The Musical

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1h 55m 2020 HD

Watch first date: the musical full movie online. Do opposites really attract? Cool chick Casey (Samantha Barks) and tightly wound Aaron (Simon Lipkin) are hoping so. These two New York City singles have been set up by friends and family, but from the outset this First Date seems to be doomed. The two have nothing in common… But with the help of a meddling but well-meaning waiter, and a host of other characters along the way, can this mismatched pair turn what could be a dating disaster into something special before the check arrives? With a contemporary rock score, First Date gleefully pokes fun at the all too familiar dating mishaps we’ve all experienced and gives hope that there could be that one special person out there for all of us.

First Date: The Musical (2020)
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